Mine Metal


Commodities stand as the most substantial asset class in the world, underpinning industries, driving economies, and shaping financial futures. At Dignity Gold, LLC, we envision harnessing this vast potential to bolster the stability and value of our innovative digital asset, the DIGau token.



Ownership of our mines places Dignity Gold, LLC in a unique position, offering us the opportunity to exercise direct control over our resources in the future. This strategic ownership promises to fortify the resilience of our tokens and reinforces our commitment to preserving their intrinsic value.

Precious Metals

Our strategic entry into digital assets is firmly anchored in a substantial and tangible connection with precious metals. The DIGau token is meticulously structured to reflect this association, backed by a minimum of $6 billion in “proven and probable” gold reserves. This integration of digital innovation with solid physical assets uniquely positions our tokens in the marketplace, distinguishing them from other offerings.

The backing of our token by a projected 3,442,144 ounces of gold as of April 2024, emphasizes the steadfast stability we aim to infuse into our tokens. This monumental figure serves as a testament to the trust and confidence we aspire to cultivate among our investors.

Moreover, Dignity Gold, LLC is committed to supporting the exploration and development of additional precious metal deposits within the United States. As global demand for these commodities continues to outstrip supply, such efforts hold immense potential for future value appreciation.

Catalyst for Change

We perceive our role as not merely a provider of digital assets, but as a catalyst for a more sustainable and equitable commodity market. By promoting the exploration and development of precious metal deposits within the United States, we aim to boost local economies and foster equilibrium in the international commodities market.

In conclusion, Dignity Gold, LLC is set to play a significant role in shaping the financial landscape by amalgamating the stability of commodities with the innovation of blockchain technology. With firm ownership of mining assets, plans for a substantial reserve of precious metals to back our tokens, and an enduring commitment to resource exploration, we offer a visionary and secure opportunity in the digital asset space. As we move towards the realization of these objectives, we invite all potential stakeholders and investors to join us on this pioneering journey.