DIGau – Frequently Asked Questions

Who has received tokens?

  1. The initial DIGau tokens will be issued to legitimate, verifiable and suitable private wallets holding the unaffiliated DIG token. These wallets have successfully completed KYC / AML and deemed suitable and have supplied completed proper documentation and the subscription agreements. These wallets also were subject to on-chain analytics and risk assessment checks using CipherTrace. 

When will I receive my tokens?

  1. Assuming the wallets can successfully pass KYC / AML and be deemed suitable, DIGau tokens will be issued in groups starting with private wallets under Regulation D and Regulation S. The company will notify each group upon issuance.

I am a private / non-US / Livecoin / wallet and I didn’t get tokens yet, what do I do?

  1. Please wait, as we are processing tokens in an orderly fashion. Until the company indicates that it has completed the initial batches and requests that others can then submit requests for follow-up, contacting the issuer may cause further delays in potentially receiving any tokens.

When will the DIGau tokens be freely traded?

  1. Securities issued under the private placement registration exemptions contained in Regulation D and Regulation S are restricted and may not be traded except under certain specific circumstances, none of which apply to DIGau currently. Any attempt to circumvent or avoid the restrictions on securities transfers of these tokens may subject holders to forfeiture of their tokens.

What is CipherTrace?

  1. CipherTrace.com is a blockchain forensics firm using algorithms to calculate risk levels based on associating suspicious addresses and wallets. CipherTrace also profiles hundreds of wallets, global exchanges, platforms and other cryptocurrency users.

What is a 43-101?

  1. National Instrument 43-101 (the “NI 43-101” or the “NI”) is a national instrument for the Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects within Canada. The Instrument is a codified set of rules and guidelines for reporting and displaying information related to mineral properties owned by, or explored by, companies which report these results on stock exchanges initially within Canada. The report has been adopted as a generally accepted report in finance. For more information see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Instrument_43-101

What is the proof & verification of the gold?

  1. There is a NI 43-101 report prepared for the current patented claim that secures the pledge reserves as well as any gold and metals reserves that Dignity holds in its security interest including UCC liens and deeds of trust in our security and corporate pledge.

What is the plan for mining?

  1. There is a projected 5 year mining plan, and it is included in the NI 43-101 for each claim. It is in the due diligence and executive summary provided. This is a projection, and as such will be updated upon actual execution of the production on each claim.

What is sampling?

  1. As part of compliance guidelines for compiling an NI 43-101 report, drilling, sampling, and testing must be conducted and observed by a qualified independent third-party geologist as well as an extraction mineral specialist. Dignity has retained these experts to perform and produce the necessary steps and results. These results are available for any independent review and are required for the technical NI 43-101 compliance to be complete. As the projects move forward into production, each of these required steps will be supplemented and updated.

Is there a Whitepaper?

  1. Dignity Corp. has an offering memorandum related to the offering which has been made available to approved investors.

Where will the DIGau Token be trading?

The DIGau security token is now trading on the following exchanges:

Additional exchanges where DIGau will be listed will be updated here.