Kent Swig

Kent Swig on Dignity Gold.

Kent Swig Chairman of Dignity Gold, was interviewed on the Bloomberg Businessweek Podcast.

Kent shares his thoughts about New Yorkers coming back to work in the office after the COVID pandemic and how Dignity Gold is making some huge strides in establishing investment opportunities into the precious metals mining and mineral sectors in the United States.

Credit: This is a segment taken with thanks, from Kent’s interview on Bloomberg Radio from June 7th, 2022.

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The Crypto Conversation: Episode 258
A fascinating interview by Andy Pickering from BravenewCoin  with Kent Swig, President of Dignity Gold and Stephen Braverman, CEO of Dignity Gold, that outlines the Dignity Gold way of bringing Gold Reserve backed Security Tokens to market.

Credit: The original source of this podcast can be found on Bravenewcoin first published 03 May, 2022.

Kent Swig

Kent Swig on Dignity Gold.

Listen to Kent Swig, Chairman of Dignity Gold, talk about the Dignity token, the philosophy of Dignity Gold and why Dignity is fast becoming a leader in the security token world by bringing ‘old school’ business practices to the new digital security market place.

Credit: This is a segment taken with thanks from Kent’s interview on Bloomberg Radio from November 24th, 2021

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