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Creating securities tokens to develop investment opportunities


Dignity Gold’s Pinkham Lode Mine Ready to Commence Producing Verifiable Gold and Silver

Team Stange takes another victory

Team Stange Racing Picks Up Another Win During Sunday’s Dignity Gold GT Sprint Race Doubleheader

digau and bitglobal

Dignity Corporation’s DIGau Security Token Set To List On BitGlobal Exchange

Gold coins

Dignity Corporation DIGau Token Approved for Listing on CryptoSX Digital Asset Exchange

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US- Based Dignity Copy USD 6 Billion Gold Reserves- Backed Security Token Start Trading On Cryptosx Exchange


The US$6 Billion Asset Backed Security Token DIGau Started Trading on CryptoSX Today


Dignity Corp gold reserves-backed security token to list on CryptoSX Exchange


Digau – A security token backed by gold deposits in the United States – has been approved for listing on CryptoSX

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Greenpro’s CryptoSX lands historic billion dollars security token offering