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Dignity Gold, LLC Announces New Corporate Advisor Engagements

Dignity Gold, LLC (“Dignity Gold”) is pleased to announce its new advisor engagements. This team has been carefully selected and assembled since July of 2019. At the top in their industries, these parties have been working side-by-side with management to lead the company into its next chapter.

As previously announced, Dignity Gold, LLC uncovered discrepancies in the trading of the Dignity (DIG) token. Although Dignity Gold is unaware of how these discrepancies occurred, they appear to have resulted in the unauthorized and improper minting of new DIG tokens. Dignity Gold, LLC has not received any response from Livecoin.net with respect to its inquiries into these discrepancies, and Dignity tokens purchased on Livecoin.net after January 18, 2020 may not be valid.

Although Dignity Gold did not authorize the issuance of the DIG tokens, Dignity Gold’s management team, along with its advisors, is working on a remedy for DIG token holders. To be announced in the coming weeks, Dignity Gold plans to put a process in place for legitimate DIG token holders to achieve a solution from the current challenges they face.

The advisors include the following:

Tritaurian Capital

Tritaurian Capital, a FINRA registered U.S. investment bank serves as the compliance consultant to Dignity Gold, LLC and is the foremost expert in compliant and regulated security token offerings. It is the first broker/dealer to be approved for a license to sell digital private placement securities using distributed ledger technology, otherwise known as blockchain technology.  Tritaurian believes that blockchain-based securities offer the opportunity to improve record keeping and transparency through the open nature of blockchains while increasing security and compliance through the programmable nature of blockchain tokens. By capitalizing on the background of its principals in investment banking, entrepreneurial growth companies and transformational technologies, Tritaurian examines every angle and opportunity for its clients in order to provide the highest quality financial advice and service possible.

Carlton Fields 

Carlton Fields serves as legal counsel to Dignity Gold, LLC and is one of the leading firms in the United States within the practice of Securities and Investors. Specifically, the securities industry turns to Carlton Fields for its regulatory, enforcement, litigation, corporate finance and corporate needs. The National practice serves publicly-held corporations as well as the broker-dealer, investment advisor, and investment company components of the Securities Industry.

Impact Partners

Impact Partners serves as the public and investor relations firm to Dignity Gold, LLC. The partners of Impact Partners have been senior advisors to some of the world’s most prestigious organizations, CEOs, as well as counseled multiple heads of state. The firm provides companies and their leadership with the insights and access necessary to activate competitive advantages that drive business results. With powerful connections across the global business and media landscape, their expertise puts their clients into the right rooms, with the right people at the right time. Their current client roster consists of leading venture capital firms, family offices / high net worth investors, and the companies they each invest their monies.

About Dignity Gold, LLC

Headquartered in Delaware with offices in New York City, Dignity Gold operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dignity Holdings, LLC and a leader in cryptocurrency. It was founded in July of 2019 by Stephen Braverman and Kent Swig.