Create Advanced Digital Securities

Dignity Corp. takes the lead in shaping the future of digital assets, paving the way with our Advanced Digital Security Tokens (ADST). We provide unique investment opportunities in the precious metals sector within the United States, underpinned by long-term pledges and security agreements. The creation of Dignity digital assets fuses sophisticated blockchain technology with the solid value of fungible assets. However, our crowning achievement is our commitment to regulatory compliance and the education of our potential stakeholders.


Regulatory Compliance 

Our aim is to follow a path for compliant digital securities in the United States. We have previously filed DIGau token under a Reg D filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an essential move towards our long-term plan of becoming a fully regulated U.S. security open to all investors. These filings are a testament to our dedication to adhering to the stringent rules and regulations governing securities, demonstrating our intent to operate within the legal frameworks established to protect investors.

Educational Commitment

Recognizing the potential complexities and misunderstandings associated with digital and crypto currencies, Dignity Corp. has made it a priority to educate and inform our potential stakeholders. We aim to provide comprehensive knowledge and insights into the nature of digital assets, their potential benefits, and associated risks. Through these educational initiatives, we strive to ensure that our stakeholders can make well-informed investment decisions.

Technological Innovation 

At the technological core of our ADSTs is the Ethereum blockchain, a platform that guarantees both robustness and innovation. Our tokens incorporate advanced functionalities, providing a distinct advantage over most current digital and crypto assets.

        • Our tokens are empowered with unique capabilities, including:
        • Rectification of inaccurate crypto trades.
        • Surveillance of token ownership to facilitate the replacement of lost or stolen tokens.
        • Resolution of token ownership disputes.
        • Integration of required government oversight.

These capabilities, although present at all times, are invoked under specific circumstances, offering a degree of security and assurance often missing in other digital assets or cryptocurrencies.

Value Proposition 

The value of Dignity Advanced Digital Security Tokens (ADST) stems from their connection to fungible assets, specifically owned mineral deposits, reinforced by an innovative system of agreements and contract provisions.

Dignity guarantees a “minimum provision” for our tokens. This provision safeguards a set minimum dollar amount, determined by the spot price per ounce of the precious metal at the time of the agreement, thereby setting the minimum quantity of ounces.

When the price of the owned assets backing the currency increases, the dollar backing amount escalates concurrently. Should the market price of the precious metal assets decrease, Dignity pledges additional ounces of gold, maintaining the minimum dollar amount set during the initial agreements. This strategy promotes potential upside appreciation for the token while eliminating a reduction in the precious metal backing the token.

In conclusion, Dignity’s focus on regulatory compliance, stakeholder education, technological innovation, and value proposition sets us apart. We’re not merely another digital asset company; we’re a responsible, innovative, and pioneering force in the digital asset space, providing a secure and promising investment landscape.