Dignity Gold - Digital Currency
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Dignity digital tokens are a synergy of technology and value.  They use a blend of advanced blockchain technology that provides many features that help ensure a safe, more secure, and regulatory accepted approach to digital currencies.

Digital or cryptocurrencies are a very high-risk investment, creating real intrinsic value is impossible because a digital anything by its definition, isn’t real.

A bank account is digital, a stock account is digital a bitcoin is digital. The only fact that makes them different is the certainty by which one can convert the digital to something real.

Financial marketplaces have overcome this concern using a system of promises, suppositions, and most important government regulatory oversite.  When distilled down to reality these marketplaces for the most part create intrinsic value through the illusion of a promise with a large amount of regulatory oversite.

Oversite ensures the information presented to the public is honest and reasonable in its presentation, but that is still not a guarantee.  When stocks of public companies fail, the perceived intrinsic value is quickly and unceremoniously turned to zero, in many cases.  The illusion of liquidation value and all the things that go with the promise seem to vaporize.

Digital currencies are either completely autonomous like Bitcoin and controlled by what people are willing to pay or they are backed by a company with an idea.  For the latter, the currency is only as good as the organization behind it, the underlying concept the currency represents, and regulatory oversite.

Dignity tokens are based on hard assets in the form of mineral deposits, digital mining infrastructure, and a unique system of agreements and contract provisions along with government oversite.

The combination of advanced technology, a unique system of agreements and provisions with U.S. based partners, with government oversite, create a safer upside that is not available with most digital assets.

Dignity bridges the gap between standard crypto / digital assets and traditional financial instruments by following the same standards required by all publicly traded companies.  This is perhaps the single most important part of the ultimate success of Dignity digital tokens.